Questions & Answers

How long has Respondint been in business?

Respondint is not in business yet.

How are the costs calculated for websites and storage?

We take our monthly expenses, such as licenses and services, then divide them equally among the number of potential clients we could host. This number determines the cost of every website. However, for storage, we divide the cost of our server among the number of potential clients we could host. Finally, we add a minimal margin. This minimal margin is our profit which contributes to future upgrades (more licenses, security, and extra software) for our clients. Upgrades are provided to you at no additional cost.

What makes your hosting better than the competition's?

At an extremely low price of 55¢ per website and 32.5¢ per gb of diskspace, our prices are extremely competitive. To sweeten the deal, we allow you to purchase the exact amount of gigabytes and websites you need without paying for any extras. This allows you to get the most out of our hosting without spending extra money on unnecessary space or unused domains. Having used other hosting services before, we know what our clients are looking for, since we used to be clients ourselves.

Do I need a new domain name in order to switch hosts?
Will my website or services, such as email, be offline if I switch to Respondint Hosting?
Are there any setup fees?
How efficient are your servers?
How do your servers operate?
Can I host more than one website or domain on my Respondint Hosting Plan?
How many e-mail addresses can be created with an account?
Do you have an uptime guarantee?
Are there any hidden charges?
Is there a Money Back guarantee?
What forms of payment are accepted?
How long will it take to set up my account?
How will I be invoiced?
Can I upgrade a plan?
What if I accidentally delete a file or folder on my site? Is it lost forever?

It depends. We make backups every few weeks, so if your file was created before or around our last backup we might still have access to it!