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Despite this, it is very important for you to read all of these legal documents prior to using our website. The last thing you want is for you to accidentally sell your soul to a competitor. Therefore we sincerely encourage you to read everything to insure there are no misunderstandings or lack of clarity.

Respondint is an honest and transparent company. All content on our website is designed and created to be as accurate and unambiguous as possible. There are no hidden print (disclaimers) such as annual billing or pricing adjustments. However everyone makes mistakes which is why we cannot be held liable for any misconstruction. By accessing or using any part of our website, you agree to all of our terms, policies, conditions, and agreements, which are subject to change at any time without notice.

We do not affiliate ourselves with any untrustworthy parties. With that being said, all thirdparty software such as APIs and SDKs are only used after rigorous outside testing and approval.

All documents were last updated June 2nd of 2016.

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