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Respondint is a New York team dedicated to providing affordable high quality digital services. We can help at any stage of your journey with our collection of tools and services designed to achieve digital excellence. With over 9 years of experience in the digital industry our team is capable of tackling any scale project. Each customer inspires us to reach for new higher goals and to expand our knowledge in the ever-changing field. Even though our prices are low, our performance and work quality is the highest. We know that our greatest asset is our loyal customers, so we strive to provide the best services.


  • lightbulb_outline

    21 April 2014
    Marc Sanchez develops a business idea for Respondint.

  • work

    02 May 2015
    Victor Sanchez joins the team as Chief Operating Officer.

  • format_paint

    11 May 2015
    Amanda Palomino joins the team as a Creative Director.

  • cake

    11 May 2015
    Official Respondint Launch!

  • account_balance

    04 Feburary 2016
    Isaiah Sanchez joins the team as Chief Financial Officer and legal advisor.

  • cloud

    24 May 2016
    Respondint announces Amazon Web Services and CloudLinux partnership.

  • memory

    06 June 2016
    Fiodor Grigore joins the team as a Lead Programmer.

  • location_city

    09 June 2016
    Respondint will be attending the annual NYC Small Business Expo.

  • notifications_active

    10 June 2016
    Anticipated launch of new website based on custom in-house software.

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Meet the Experts

Marc Sanchez
Victor Sanchez
Isaiah Sanchez
Fiodor Grigore
Amanda Palomino

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